E-Tap Seminar

Description, Topics and Schedules

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  • Subject: Tapping, the action of tapping on the strings of a guitar (or tiptar) with the tip of the fingers.
  • Instruments: Classical or electric guitars. Instruments specially designed for tapping such as  tap guitars, tiptars, whatever their makers, tunings or number of strings.
  • Objective: To offer to the participant a week of study which will count in his musical life and bring him precious elements of information.
  • Multi-Touch‘ and Open: The E-Tap Seminar is really ‘multi platform’. It is the only one which is primarily music oriented, although  dedicated to all systems of tunings, touch, guitars and tap-guitars. The aproach is ‘multi touch’, non-proprietary and ‘open-source’, to use computer jargon.
  • Forum : What is the E-Tap Seminar?  It is a place to learn, but it is mostly a forum to meet people and enjoy “intelligent” holydays. The value from the Seminar comes mainly from the meeting you will have with tappers from the whole world and discussions you will have with them. You will also be able to evaluate and try instruments coming from various manufacturers, and sometimes these manufacturers themselves, but that will happen in openness and in an environment of loyal concurrence and free information.
  • Levels: All levels of playing and/or reading are accepted. There are 3 classes: beginners, intermediate, advanced. The beginners A class is for real beginners having no idea of theory or whatsoever! Anyway, if you – or we – feel that you are not happy in a class,  just ask and move in another one. On the other hand, we sort of form classes where people are happy to work together.


  • Musical Holiday : The Tap Seminar is part of a big event, namely the section Musiques et danses traditionnelles of the Académie d’été de Wallonie. The musical director, Vincent Dujardin,, is an excellent jazz and classical saxophonist, familiar with all types of environments.  This gives us the opportunity to meet and play with other musicians and, specially, to have these great evenings enjoying all those various disciplines, traditional or not, such as dance, concerts, jamming, theater, movie direction, story telling and writing. Libramont is a charming little city situated in the middle of the Ardens. Walk in the forest, swimming in the Semois river, excursions to archaeological sites are organised every late afternoon.We even organise a green session in the ETap forest cabin with a common mixer/amp driven by solar(/battery)
  • Topics and subjects: Improvising, playing, reading, composition, harmony, chords, songs, new music, jazz, classical, Indian music, pop,  body rhythm, tap guitar manufacturing, electronics, dancing, performing…The teaching is organised around pieces – from jazz or progressive tapping repertoire – which you will find on this site. All the teachers concentrate on the same pieces, so you don’t need to come with a real book. You will have time to concentrate on a rew interesting pieces. ‘Spring comes’, ‘Blue Etap’ … but you might as well start with ‘Frere Jacques’ if you like. We study also great tappers repertoire such as Jolliffe, Lampi, Wagner (Kuno!), Daiss, Reuter,  and others… You are welcome to bring your own pieces. We shall study them in the master classes and you will be able to play them during the night concerts.
  • Topics Daniel Schell: ‘My Space’ and ‘The Path’ organisation of tapping material, reading and improvisation. More on the two regions tap-guitars, Tuning fourths/fourths and fifths/fourths (the latter as invented by Emmett Chapman)
  • Topics Andre Chalifour: Similar to Daniel but dedicated to the electric normal guitar, and double neck guitar? Tuning classical guitar and all in fourths.
  • Topics Stefan Huth: More oriented on Markus Reuter’s Family of exercises. Also, plays a  ‘Touch Guitar’ tuned in crafty fifths.


  • Schedules
  • Time Schedule: Morning is devoted to tuition in group. Afternoon is for special interests “club”, such as reading club, harmony club, electronic, dance, body rhythm, or whatever subjects the students wish to have. Students may also have private lessons with the teacher of their choice. Late afternoons are for leisure,walking and swimming. Evening is for concerts. There are concerts every night. One evening is reserved for the tap guitar players. The  the student’s evening happens on last day, with the three groups presenting short pieces.
  • Schedule: General 2016
  • Schedule per teachers Stefan Huth 2016
  • The Tap-Guitar night , where  teachers and students of the Seminar  perform, usually happens in  Brussels  right before the Seminar.. In 2016 no tapETap session.  night is currently organised in Brussels, .
  • Concerts in Libramont: Tuesday July 19 The Open Tap Night shall occur at ETap, bar of All players welcome. Thursday July 21 : Teachers concert., concert hall. Friday July 22 : Students concert: the student play the pieces which they learned during the PLace; The concert Hall, Libramont.