The tap guitar, or tiptar,   is a kind of electric guitar tapped with the tip of the fingers.  Instead of plucking the strings, like on the normal guitar, you tap the strings between two frets, with the tips of your fingers.  Advantage: you can play two independent melodic lines, like Bach’s two voices inventions. You can also play a melody with the right hand, for instance, and accompany in chords and bass lines with left hand. Or else you can play just one melody by alternating both hands. The t-g can have one region, like the classical guitar or the 8-strings guitar. Or it can have 2 regions, with, in general, 6 strings for the melody, and 6 strings for the bass and accompaniment.

E-tap Seminar

E-Tap Seminar 2017

European Tap-guitar seminar

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When: Monday 17 to Sunday 23 July 2016
Where : Libramont – Belgium
Organisers: Académie d’été de Wallonie and Clic Music


The Teachers:

Guest Teacher: Kai Kurosawa (Japan, US)

Kai Beartrax 04

Guest teacher : Stefan Huth from Germany

Huth Stefan

Daniel Schell (BE)

Topics of this 2017 session:

Daniel Schell’s topics:
– General tapping techniques: fingering on various boards (including the guitar)  and tunings ( 4ths, 5ths, crafty)
-Harmony: Traditional, jazz and new chord changes. We shall continue the chords studies which we started last year.
Watch the scores of “Spring Comes” and Blue E-Tap.
Minor 8
– Rhythmics: Even and uneven metrics: Using such meters as 4/4 , 5/8 and 7/8 and alternating them.
– Creating interesting rhytms and lines on those meters and others
– Multi motive improvisation: one different motive in each hand.

Kai Kurosawa
Kai teaches and plays in US and Japan. After completing  musical studies in classical and jazz guitar, he taps on an uncrossed tuning, with the bass side fretless . Kai covers jazz, contemporary and his own original music. His style is innovative and highly personal.

Stefan Huth

His roots are based in progressive rock and heavy metal. Through the years he learned and played world music. Playing in several jazz/fusion bands he also did progressive rock/neo classic arrangements for orchestra. All these musical influences are part of Stefans projects always honoring his rock music roots. Stefan uses the Touchguitar U8 as a tools to write and arrange music using several techniques. His current projects range from classic heavy rock through progressive and post rock to modern neo classical and he is alway working on several musical collaborations for improvisations.

Académie Internationale d’été de Wallonie

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In collaboration with “AKDT”
Académie Internationale d’Eté de Wallonie.